(051) – God, How Patient You Are!

Many if not most of the qualities and traits we aspire to learn are divine qualities and here I’m talking about patience precisely. I’ve mentioned patience many times in my blogs and I will do even more because it has all the magic within.

As we all know, God is patient, hands down! Undoubtedly, He gives us many opportunities to correct our mistakes after pointing them out indirectly. He forgives and never judges our deeds until the moment we finish. He considers intentions more than actions. Doesn’t that all mean He’s patience? Isn’t it weird how the creator is merciful of his creatures despite what they do? It isn’t weird; it’s God’s glory and greatness.

On my way to university today, I was feeling very pleased, happy as well. Thankfully, my life is going well and there’s nothing to worry about. I am healthy, wealthy and satisfied. I have good family and friends. I look at people around me to see those with sicknesses. I see people with financial problems. Others are depressed and nothing seems to work out with them. On the contrary, I have nothing of what they do; we are completely fine at home. At the same time, I think I don’t deserve it; I’m not perfect and will never be. I do many bad deeds that God doesn’t allow, yet He’s so patient over me and is still giving me more of his blessings. I can imagine God up in the sky watching over me and ignoring willingly my bad deeds. He knows I have something good inside and waiting patiently until I feel his observation and change my path.

The fact that we distinguish right from wrong then we refuse to take action and change is really hurtful and biased. I see this every day, even myself; I confess I’m wrong but I’m not initiating to change and act in the right direction, don’t ask me why or how because I have no idea.

And God, thank you very much for your patience over us your poor worshipers. I deeply know you don’t want words, you want actions. Perhaps, I’m afraid of your tests if I get closer to you… Once again, send me your love and fear and I promise to be as you want me to be.


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