(050) – Lessons Learned: Commitment

From the very beginning I knew it was going to be difficult, I knew it would absorb my thinking all the time trying to come up with the best ideas to post every day. I’m neither a good writer nor a good speaker, so one of the most repeated questions got to my mind before I started this journey was commitment; how am I going to commit to my blog? How am I going to commit to my followers and people who seem to support me through my project?

Since the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, I took this step; I published my first article and decided that I have to write on. I had too much thoughts and issues to write about but after a few posts I had found out if I continued this way, I wouldn’t have to be able to post anything after a month, so I had to change my routine, step out of my comfort zone and adjust the way I see things.

Every day I get a million thoughts; I write them down and even discuss some of them with my friends and colleagues. It’s awesome when you pay attention to the details and see more than what meets the eye. My friends got shocked when they knew I blog about our conversations, they didn’t expect it to say the least. However, sometimes though I have my content ready in mind, I don’t feel like writing or want to postpone until the next day. I think that’s supposed to be done once in a long time not multiple times a week. Accordingly, I push myself to write and challenge my swinging moods which’s taught me commitment; commitment to myself, my purpose and those who want me to do it. Till Graduation taught me also to disobey my innermost doubts and fears no matter how hard they might be.

Today, I am 50 steps closer to my graduation. Too many things have changed and my goal is getting clearer. I am learning invaluable lessons all the way long. My language is really improving, the time I take to finish my post is shrinking and my blog is unbelievably paying off. Commitment is what I need to let this blog flourish and get the best out of it.


4 thoughts on “(050) – Lessons Learned: Commitment

  1. I used to seek perfection: I wanted every blog post to be perfect, original, supreme. Then I realised I just had to get my thoughts, ideas and messages across. Now, I write without worrying about how good I am … I write because I need to write, because it comes naturally to me, because I want to share. And I find that I am more free, more open with this way of sharing.

    • Actually i’m still learning English because it’s not my mother tongue. Accordingly, I’d like my writings to be perfect and inspiring without any grammatical mistakes but I’ve found out it’s the wrong way to learn anything. Unless I make mistakes, plenty of them, I won’t be able to speak the language fluently.

      Thanks once again for the kind words. I look forward to start reading your blog. 🙂

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