(048) – I Miss a Lot


IMG_101941862831025Two years ago, when I met my best friend for the first time ever, he told me something that hit on my chord immediately though we didn’t know each other well back then. He said “it’s a big world and we aren’t the center of it”. This little thought has a wonderful kind of mystery in it especially for those who think they’re living alone on this planet. It also made me realize how small I am comparing to the world around me; there are many worthy people to be met and many landscapes to be seen. Somehow, it reminds me of humanity and the things that make sense and meaning for our lives instead of daily occurrences that are killing us a bit by bit.

My cousin got the opportunity to travel several times and discover the world around us. I saw him yesterday and we were talking about the same thing. He said “Ahmed, this world is big enough to make all our dreams come true; if you think it’d be difficult outside our country, then you’re absolutely wrong. People will be nice to you and glad to help not the other way round. You have to travel and your whole perspective will change like a shoot.” He added “the best moment of all is the plane; when you sit next to someone for hours talking about your backgrounds and traditions, it’s simply awesome.”

My favorite time during the day when I start reading multiple blogs on WordPress and see the pictures you fellow bloggers take for your countries and during your flights. It makes me eager and determined to travel and visit the same places. Moreover, I was introduced to new countries through your blogs that I never thought I’d like to go to like Ireland. This country is just amazing; there are lots and lots of places in Ireland to be seen. Also, weather there is unbelievable.

Today, I miss a lot; I miss new faces, new sights and views, new experiences and much more. Travel is one of my best plans to experience after graduation if all goes well.



4 thoughts on “(048) – I Miss a Lot

  1. Thank you so much for the mention, really appreciated. To my mind travel is a great education and I think it important to see how other people live, their culture and values. It allows one to make up one’s own mind rather than accept a pedalled stereotype that is so often the media’s want. It also makes me smile big time. Thanks for the post and have a good weekend. MM 🍀

  2. I believe it should be mandatory for everybody to travel in their twenties… graduate from college and then spend the next few years traveling around the world. I realize, due to political and cultural circumstances this is not easy or possible for everybody. But when you are young you don’t need fancy hotels and you can always get a job as a dishwasher! I know people who have done this… I wish that is what I had done when I had the opportunity. However, blogging is the next best thing… learning about other people’s experiences and lives is an education in itself.

    • I’m not demanding, I could do with a motel, LOL. 😉 Actually, the problem isn’t always money, sometimes it’s political as you said or it could be your circumstances and duties in general where you cannot leave what you have and travel to have fun. Blogging is awesome, it’s one of the most interesting thing I was introduced to in my life.

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