(045) – Crowded Mind

I love those days when I have too many ideas for my daily blog. I try to pick the best thought and express my point of view clearly leaving other ideas until the next day but some thoughts just cannot be postponed or ignored until later on which pushes me to sum up them in one post and that is what I’m going to do tonight.

First of all is “hardships”; I’m so thankful for the hardships and obstacles in my life. Also, I love the way God tests my faith and patience; he’s watching me silently after he’s informed me about his boundaries and limits. All these issues as we’ve agreed beforehand are meant to help us in a way or another. Every time I am done with a test, I realize how much I’ve taken advantage of it no matter how small it could be and to be honest, I always wish it was a bit harder so that the reward would be greater and worthier.

Moreover, we should try to enjoy times of agony and pain like what happened with me in the last two days. I was very sick, yet I refused to take any meds because I knew it was temporary. Well, I know it’s crazy but I just wanted to appreciate my healthy life when I’m in good conditions. Such a thing was destined to remind me of God and his ability to heal my wounds and sickness.


This little idea steers me into my second thought which is Intelligent Conversations. I really get high on intelligent conversation. What distinguishes intelligent conversations is the numerous words and vocabularies; the meaningful word is supposed to be used only once during the entire talk which gives you the opportunity work up your mind and utilize more powerful words.

I personally have a trouble with choosing my words wisely and that’s the reason I cannot have such an intelligent conversation though I love it. Nonetheless, learning a second language opened my eyes to use diversified words that could give a clearer message. Also, reading is very helpful when it comes to expressing your thoughts; you can use the same phrases you read in your talk and that’s what I’m working on. I write down every new word or phrase I read in a book and try to use it in my writings and it’s truly paying off. Here are some of my word lists.

DSC_0059 DSC_0061

I am trying to learn English and French on my own. I cannot afford a tutor and that makes my mission even harder but I’m driven by passion and love for languages. I have many hardships doing my dreams come true but I’m pretty sure if I know how to pick my words intelligently, it’ll be over and I’ll be able to speak many languages sooner than I think.

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