(042) – Work Harder, Play Harder

I remember my mom once told me that I’ve chosen the harder way in my life; she was pretty sure it’ll cost me too much of hard working and effort. I didn’t know what to reply since it’s my character and this is what I think suits me best. Having that in mind, I look at my peers and friends, they don’t have the same thoughts I do, they dream differently and walk the normal path in life. Most of them graduated from university and now they are working and leading a very normal lifestyle. On the other hand, I’m working on additional stuff concentrating on my personal growth and progress. I don’t see myself working in a traditional job after I graduate or even with normal people who don’t dare to think outside their jobs. I’m looking forward to much bigger projects where comfort zones never exist.

This kind of ambition is very tiring and exhausting; I talk to everybody around me but I rarely find someone who can debate intelligently. The sophistication I want is very precious and only few people can share it and here where I come in to work hard and compensate myself for what I cannot get from those around me. I mean I have to double my efforts and be hard on myself so I can make my dreams true.

For example, I’m learning English on my own. Only one of my friends speaks the language perfectly and he is always willing to help me. Yesterday I updated my status on Facebook, it had two or three grammatical mistakes which I didn’t notice. When I met my friend today, he told me about it and he was really shocked I made such a mistake. To be honest, I got very pissed off; I’ve been working very hard on my language not to step back. However, I did thank him for the correction and tried to swallow it without any excuses. I had a very bad day thinking of my stupidity and these mistakes. I wasn’t supposed to make it then why did it happen? There must be something wrong. Accordingly, I had to set a new plan now and develop my learning method. My target will be to reading at least 20 pages every day, listening to an audio book in the evening and talk to other friends in the States on Skype. It’s an emergency if you know what I mean.

Nonetheless, I’m glad I was wrong. This way, I’ll never forget it and will be cautious next time. I know I shouldn’t have been pissed off but the fact is, it really hurts when you work hard then end up with a silly mistake, doesn’t it?

Apparently, my mom was right; I’ll have to work harder and focus on what I do. If I do my best and remain who I am today, I know it’s destiny. Otherwise, it’ll be my fault.

Note: Please, help me speak English fluently, correct any mistake (either it’s grammatical, a word, a phrase or the context itself) you just read in a comment and I’d be so grateful for you…


4 thoughts on “(042) – Work Harder, Play Harder

  1. I really relate to your words – as you remind me of myself in many ways. I have always been inclined to take the harder route, determined to build my strength and character. I think it is partially attributable to my earthly father, who pounded into us hard work, no play or else we were lazy or somehow of less worth. I have found, however, that while it is important to work hard, my heavenly Father values me and desires for me to rest, laugh and enjoy things along my journey. You may also find that because you are so driven and obviously intelligent, people may work harder to point out your mistakes/faults – even more so than they would to anyone else. It could be because they feel you would appreciate it but it can also be, as I have found, that they are intimidated by your determination and therefore, set out to take you down a peg or two! We are hard enough on ourselves – no need to invite more criticism as I see it! You are, no doubt, being watched by many, some of whom will admire you and others who will be envious of your flare. Keep up the hard work … and remember to play, too!

    • OH! Thank you so much for the kind words, you are simply great and amazing.

      I am thankful for those who criticize me because they want me to be better and successful. I also don’t mind if they work intelligently to find my mistakes, it’s meant to help me progress. Even though the harder route means harder and bigger challenges, yet it assures us bigger results and achievements, let’s just start and be our favorite characters.
      Thanks once again. Have a super weekend. 🙂

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