(039) “God made me to last” / Jackie Robinson

Well, I couldn’t find a better title, Jackie Robinson, the bravest baseball player ever, the one who challenged and overcame all kinds of fears and obstacles in life. Inspired by the new movie “42”, I get to admit nothing is impossible or undoable; it’s just the guts that is needed to be as remarkable as Jackie.

Fueled by his passion for baseball, empowered by the love of his wife and enlightened by the WHY of his manager, he could simply draw his path to success and fame, to triumph and victory. Jackie believed that he was there to play baseball and win because he loves the game and believes in it, so no matter how severe and harsh the comments were, he insisted on his goal ignoring racism and segregation.

I think I can feel him to be an outcast amongst a group of people who doesn’t respect you because you don’t look like them but he made this point to serve him and be his motive. He wanted others to realize that it’s not his problem to be an outcast but it’s theirs. Let’s not forget that an outcast is not necessarily a bad word, it just means that people don’t want you to fit in according to whatever reasons they have.

Two invaluable lessons I’ve learned from “42”. First, God made us to last; he only tests us for our own good and whatever he send our way is and will always be meant to bring the best out of ourselves. Second, what people think of you is their problem not yours; they will mock you and fight you but once you’ve reached your pinnacle of success and be the man who they cannot be, they will absolutely change their minds and come back asking for forgiveness. Meanwhile, you’ll be busy with those who stood on your side and supported you with all they got.


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