(037) – Success Is More Than Straight A’s

“This part of my life, this little part is called happiness” — Chris Gardner

Every time I see The Pursuit of HappYness I discover something new, I put my hands on another secret of success and happiness. Let’s not forget that it makes me tear up from deep inside.

Today, I saw the movie again. Funnily enough, Chris Gardener used to get straight A’s when he was at school but he ended up in the streets begging for a bed in the church. He was left alone with his kid, working very hard to get a decent job and a fair amount of money to stay alive. His A’s didn’t get him what he wanted to be or do. He’d never expected himself to be in the same place, he worked very hard thinking it’s the shortest way toward success. It is; science and knowledge is absolutely the shortest way but sometimes it’s more than what meets the eye. Besides, theories are still theories, when it comes to practice; it’s a totally different ball game.

Four years ago, when I was still a freshman, I didn’t see myself struggling to graduate and barely passing in my lessons. I also didn’t see myself fighting with these dreams I have today. I thought life was going to be way easier; you just graduate, get a job, get married with kids then you just die. Theoretically speaking, this is life in all simplicity but practically, it’s too much different. The lesson will be repeated and repeated until you learn it. It’ll come in different shapes and colors, it’s just meant to be learnt, so the quicker you get it, the faster your progress is. I admit I don’t get A’s and I should’ve been graduated today but at least I’m learning some stuff that university cannot in any way offer something like.

Too many individuals are struggling with their lifestyles. Some of them used to be rich one day. Others came from a fertile background full of success and achievements but they for one reason or another ended up in the wrong place. I call this “destiny”; the moment you do your best and get an opposite result, then it must be God that steered you away. A hidden lesson is waiting for you because you’ll need it one day. It’s surely easier said than done but the reward is going to be worth it. We get what we can handle or manage, you don’t get my tests in life because you won’t be able to endure them and vice versa.

Emma Morley in One Day was a nerd but unconscious of herself worth. At some level, she had to work in a restaurant for ages but it all was destined to let her appreciate herself and get away from the one who she thought she loves. Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin MegaStore used to by trees in the street. Today, he’s a successful man with remarkable achievements. I’ve heard that he rents one of his yachts for $ 100k in a week, plenty of money, ah?

Perhaps, A’s is the shortest way but it’s not the only way! Experience, skills and human values are more important in life. Some people aren’t lucky enough to get a proper education, even though they succeed and make the right choices. You just have to find and fulfill your purpose in life away from money, cars and villas. Let it be something true, something real.



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