(036) – SHE! <3

Her name is SHE, mid twenties, youthful, ambitious, dedicated, her limits is the sky and always has something new to share.

If you look into her eyes, you’ll see the white area captivating shiny black pupils. This is the visual scene of her charming eyes. If you’re lucky enough to know her on a personal level, merely looking at her would be a journey. I deliberately look at her in the eye every time and every new experience she goes through. Oh, I see miracles, I see wonders!

I wait until it’s quiet and silence, I’m very patient to get the moment I want then look at her eyes. They hide lots of dreams, ambitions, dedication, conflict, struggle, burden, tears, misery, contentment, hopefulness, patience and determination. Her eyes are the only thing that speaks louder than her lovely voice; they speak on the behalf of all the previous ups and downs she’s been through. They reflect agony, cheating, betrayal, deceit and much more of what she’s suffered from.

Moving to her body, she’s average, not fat and not thin, not tall not short. Since I’m taller I feel like I want to hug her every time we get close to each other. I cannot get enough of cuddling with her. When her full face touches my face, I feel like I’m melting in her arms. The whole world couldn’t give me the same feeling I experience with her. And when it comes to walking, God, I love to see her walking in front of me; her walk is firm and balanced. She’s not like anyone else; she doesn’t care about all individuals in the street and walk confidently.

The sounds she makes when chewing food are just amazing and attractive. I’ve never liked this but with her it’s different. I always get her chocolate and Oreo only to listen carefully to these sounds. Even water, I could hear the water flowing into her throat, it’s adorable.

She’s pure, transparent, honest, loyal, lovely, credible, blunt, polite and giver. She lives for others, always gives and rarely takes. People have taken her for granted for long enough but I’m working on that paying her attention to greedy and ego-centric persons.

There are endless things I could mention about SHE but I believe these words should be kept deep inside because no one could understand the amount of love I have for her. I just love her unconditionally and promise to serve her as long as I breathe. I’ve devoted myself to her help, I promise to be on her beck and call no matter what. Admittedly, her complaints make me frustrated sometimes but to see her smile later on is really worth it. God, please save her, her family and give me enough patience and strength to fulfill my purpose, my SHE.

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