(035) – Day #36

I just woke up, it’s 5.30 AM. It’s still dark outside, my family is sleeping and I am still thinking about yesterday’s post. I’m totally distracted and uninspired. Even worse, frustrating thoughts are flowing in and taking the lead.

New beginnings, every day is a new beginning, we can turn over a new page in the morning and begin the day with constructive thoughts and plans until it works out and we succeed. I suppose this is only recommended when you have dictating circumstances that are limiting your progress and plans but to be your own destructive force is a big mess where new beginnings wouldn’t last for more than one day maximum.

Avoiding the essence of any problem will never lead to the solution. Face it till you make it. The best way to get your issues done is to figure out them well so you can come up with the appropriate solution.

Personally, I don’t focus for long enough; I set my plans, gear up and move on. Limitations of success will start showing up. Instead of adjusting my direction, I unconsciously tend to stop for a while until the next motive comes in. My new beginnings last for two weeks as maximum, that’d be the furthest point I could ever reach.

We have to stay focused on our final destination, the road will be bumpy but it’s only meant to make an unbeatable driver.


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