(034) – Was Jigsaw Right? A True Story

In one of my previous blogs I mentioned that we shouldn’t judge others because God created them and he knows better how to judge and punish them. However, sometimes when you’re rational and sensible enough to judge things, it gets very hard to keep silent especially when you’re in a position that allows you to take an action and you’re silence would cost the others their lives or dignity. I mean you just cannot be neutral in some cases; you need to do something and be the wind of change that people always wanted.

For example, I came back home late tonight to find my dad surfing the web, chatting with some “anonymous” friends and having a good time with himself. What you don’t know is that he spent the day out laughing with relatives and visiting them while my mom spent the day depressed at home. Today was a holiday and my mom shouldn’t have stayed home crying and thinking of her lost days trying to make a great thing out of my dad. Yes, I confess that my dad is nothing without my mom, he has lots of bullshit in his head but my mom keeps reminding him of what he should be and his value. Unfortunately, he takes my mom for granted, he tried the good side of my mom because she’s a real mother but he never tasted the ugly side; she’s never said no to whatever he asks for so she ended up with this ridiculous man. I just cannot mention anymore issues but I hope you understand me.

As a son, what should I do? What should my reflex look like? A man that takes my mom for granted and makes her life miserable. He’s never going to change even if I speak to him, should I kick his ass? Or should I threaten him? Even worse, my mom still gets mad if we talk about my dad badly, she is a really decent wife.

Another example, a friend of mine, he’s extremely honest, credible, straight, transparent and respectable but his dad loathes him because he always says the truth and disagrees with his dad’s biased policy. Suddenly, his dad stops all the funding and gives up on him; the guy is in a big trouble and cannot get a good job because of his dad. He’s left his dad and moved to live alone only to survive and stand on his two feet, still the dad is trying with all he got to sabotage his plans and fuck up his life.

My friend stand undecided, what to do? How is he supposed to deal with his old backward dad? Should he kill him? Or should he call him off and disobey God?

Too many examples exist with the same questions, should or should not? My friend and I know the answer very well, we just don’t want to go against God’s regulations or disobey him, and we believe he has the answers, the true ones and that God knows better how to punish those who deserve it but we just cannot keep our mouths shut anymore. We are free men and only free men can negotiate. I am praying to God to give me more patience so I can handle the situation and act according to his regulations.

Jigsaw, was definitely right, he couldn’t bear this injustice anymore and wanted to give the people a bit of what they truly deserve.


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