(030) – The “Eventful” Day of Judgment

The other day one of my doctors at university who occupies a high position and connected directly with the dean of our faculty was talking about the freshmen who were caught up while publishing some kind of brochures that conclude political issues and a call for a demonstration in the city of Amman. Those students were moved by confidential orders from unknown party because we all know the situation in the Middle East is still unstable. The doctor mentioned that they want to misrepresent our university and share some rebellious thoughts against the government and much other shitty political stuff that I don’t to talk about. BUT he forgot to mention the corruption we have among decision makers and people in charge. He didn’t dare to say that vitamin W is killing us and is making a big mess in the country. I mean he only mentioned the part that serves his benefit and shows that he’s doing his job successfully.

Listening to many stories of injustice and living it every day makes me excited to see the way God will judge those people; those who exploit others’ needs and use them. It makes me really wonder if they at least consider the Last Judgment; don’t they give it a shot and think about the future? Are they blind up to this point? I’ve found out lately too many people especially filthy rich ones are inconsiderate and stupid to the point where they think ordinary people are just found to be slaves, they think those with less financial powers have no dreams or ambitions but to work day and night. They even forgot about themselves when they were in their shoes one day.

I also wonder about liars; they tell lies’ all day long thinking it’s believable and they can get what they want this way. It’s wrong, if you don’t want to be honest, they you shouldn’t lie, keep your mouth shut but don’t deceive others. Don’t let them dream and end up with mere illusion in the end. The history is full of stories of liars and their destination after they lost everything and remember “the boy who cries wolf”.

Back to our title, I personally believe in the Day of Judgment and all its events. Also, I’m looking forward to see what’s going to happen for some people especially those who constantly tell lies. Stop it for God’s sake; we all will stand before God and we’ll be asked about every little thing we said or did one day. Where do you think you can go? What do you think you can do? Take it back? God is just, absolutely and life’s karma. Mull it over!



One thought on “(030) – The “Eventful” Day of Judgment

  1. As you have done in other posts on this blog, you’ve raised a very important issue here, regarding people who agitate for the better good. I am sure that sometimes it is in complete innocence, and motivated only by a desire to see everyone living a better life. But in many cases, when we get to know the people involved in certain campaigns, it is hard to ignore their self serving. Sometimes, it’s an opportunity to be self-righteous, and puff themselves up, showing disrespect to others and a disregard for the rights of the individual (as seen in the many laws outlawing smoking), and other times it’s picking on outsiders or disadvantaged because it’s easier to judge them than themselves…

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