(029) – Humans Remain Humans / Schindler’s List

Away from politics, wars no matter how evil or righteous are, they remain wars and crimes. Too many people were murdered throughout history; sometimes they deserved it but most of the time it was pure injustice.

I just watched the movie Schindler’s List, it expresses the situation of Jews and how Hitler treated them. It shows the amount of injustice and oppression they had suffered from. It’s a very touching movie and truly painful. I don’t have enough information actually to judge if they deserved this or not but I’m pretty sure there’s nothing worth it to kill 6 millions of innocent men and women no matter how bad or evil they were.

I am Palestinian, my grandpa’s were forced out of Palestine in 1948; they witnessed one of the most crimes ever but had a stronger desire to live and raise a new generation. I am full of hatred toward Jews and Zionism because of what they did with my land and people. They destroyed us and stole our assets, our lives and land which in turn left us homeless today begging everyone around the world to give us a stable job and a nationality where we can at least live peacefully.

Even though, I cannot find myself against those who were murdered in Germany, I’m not in a place to judge or punish them. If you save one life, you save the entire world and vice versa. They might have done really awful crimes and had to be killed, they might have been bad and illegal but nothing gives us the right to kill any of them. I’m not defending Jews, I’m defending humanity, I’m talking about the bloodshed that’s become easier than anything else. Racism and religion are the cause behind all the kinds of massacres, stupidity as well.

What make matters worse, the Zionist invasion on Palestine took no consideration of what happened in Germany; they’ve been committing more crimes day after day, they don’t think of us as people but enemies simply because we defend our homeland. Even if they’re right, it doesn’t give them any least right to kill us and occupy our land. Apparently, compassion and sympathy no longer exist.

All decision makers and governors will wake up one day; it’s going to be too late when regret would have no place. They will come to an endless feeling of remorse that cannot be erased or repented by any means. As for us, victims regardless of our color or religion, we have dignity. We are willing to sacrifice our lives to get what we want, to get our rights. All your biased rules will collapse and freedom will thread its way into the world, sooner or later.


4 thoughts on “(029) – Humans Remain Humans / Schindler’s List

  1. I am only commenting on this post because I have been reading your writing, and feel that you are a fair person who’s dedicated to truth and respect for your fellow man. If you don’t like my comment, feel free to delete it. But I want to tell you that I am a Jew and also a Zionist. And when you speak of Palestinians who were forced out of Palestine in 1948, are you aware that the UN and Great Britain which was the colonial power at the time, were trying to divide the country between Arabs and Jews after endless attacks on the part of the Arab communities against the Jews? And the Arabs refused any concession, even though the Jews were willing to settle for much less than they eventually gained in the war. And were willing to give up places where they had traditionally lived through the ages. And then in 1948, quite a number of Arab nations all attacked Israel at the same time, threatening to drive the Jews into the sea. I don’t know about yourself, but I was alive at the time, and remember the threats and the radio broadcasts. The war was initiated by the Arabs, and it was only our luck that they did not succeed in what they set out to do. Had they been willing to accept living in peace with us, history could have been very different. You say here, “I am full of hatred toward Jews and Zionism”, but I would suggest that you take another look at Jews and Zionism. We have a free society in which I can write anything I wish under my own name. And I offer you my hand in peace.

    • I’m thankful for you and your comment, i’m not going to delete it because It’s your opinion and you’re free to say it, so next time, you should feel free to write whatever you have in mind.

      Anyway, I’m in my twenties actually, all the stories I know about Palestine are from my dad and grandpa and I think they are credible enough for me. Besides, we as Muslims, have our own beliefs, we believe that Jerusalem is ours and you have no right in it. On the other hand, you think it’s your land and we shouldn’t be there. It’s a matter of religions, eventually the truth will arise but when or how, God only knows.

      You maybe right Zionism wanted only to take a small part of Palestine but my information says the opposite.

      The point of my post is not to discuss who’s right and who’s wrong, it only shows that I disagree with what’s happening in Palestine and the world in general today; all the bloodshed and massacres are very unfair. My hatred toward Jews is for the decision makers of the Jews and Zionism, they are greedy and would never accept a piece of the land, they want it all. This is my opinion and belief.

      Thanks for your comment, I’d like to hear more of you. Have a good day. 🙂

  2. I respect your opinion, and regret your hatred. But don’t agree with the example you gave regarding Jerusalem. We would be happy to live alongside of your people on the basis of equality and mutual respect. This notion of ‘all or nothing’ is not mirrored by our people nor by our religious tradition. Thank you for your response.

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