(028) – Words Unsaid

Obviously enough, life’s karma; what goes around comes back around. You reap what you sow. Also, in order to take, you must at first give. I have no idea actually if you know the fact that I’m a very good listener; I tend to listen to people and they find it relieving to talk to me. Maybe it’s just my role to provide others with appropriate solutions and be a helper, always. The downside of it is that you cannot find someone to listen to you whenever you feel like talking. I mean in this certain issue tables have never turned and I became a talker.

Up to some extent, it’s bothered me and it was annoying; I wanted to speak loud, to make the world listen carefully. I’ve decided to talk and dictate my issues. I’ve tried many times especially with the ones I thought would help more but I ended up back to square one. I just couldn’t oppose my personality. Moreover, I tried online with pen-friends; chatting sometimes is good but I think I’m more capable to help others more than they can help me.

The feedback was truly unpleasant; the reflexes you mostly get are cold and don’t add any value. “I’ve been there” or “I know how it feels”. Those are the most expressions I have ever got as a response. Personally, I know that you know, the point is that I need to talk. Something inside is killing me as long as it’s unspoken. Why in the hell do I have to endure your complaints when you cannot give me five minutes of your time to listen to me? Why? Worse, when the closest one acts silently. Oh, the final straw.

Nevertheless, I’ve found out why; I’ve got my question answered without any verbal response. God just revealed it. Too many times I tried to talk to my friends telling them about my emotions and relationships. Telling them about the most heartbreaking stories I’ve been through but I was never appreciated. Nobody, in all honesty, gave me the needed reply. God did.

Our intimate relationships are better saved in our hearts. The good times and memories, the experiences and adventures we have been through should be kept in our minds and diaries. Only a notebook can give you what you need. Those words that you’d like to say are precious and priceless; nobody will ever be able to captivate them except the one who’d be ready to sacrifice his/her life to see you smiling and it’s not necessary be the same one who made you come out with these words. Those words’ value is indispensable; it’s the only thing that can make you happy when the world stands against you and the one you loved most leaves you. I genuinely know how it feels to be silent when your words are dying to be out but you fight and fight to keep them silent convincing yourself it could be worse. Reminding your ego of the old good memories you shared together.

Today, I believe that my words should be left unsaid because it’s the right thing to do. I’m not ready to be mocked or to get a very cruel response for the sake of giving me a fake smile. There comes a day when tables are turned and I start to reap, I start to win.


8 thoughts on “(028) – Words Unsaid

  1. It’s good to have you coming out to say how you feel. I may be out of order here but I think that you might just not put yourself first enough. Too much caring of others without giving yourself priority. Just trying to help with my own observations and good luck for a happy life. MM 🍀

    • That’s very true. I appreciate your help and I need it no matter how simple it is. A friend of mine says “make no harm but take no shit”, maybe that’s what i should do next time. Thanks for commenting, your help is truly respected and accepted. 🙂

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Hopefully, one day, you will find that one friend who WILL listen. It took me many years, but when I met her, it was as if I’d always known her. We were like reflections of each other. She entered my life during a very difficult time for me. Sadly, circumstances took her across the country not very long after we met. Even so, just knowing that I have someone should I need them is sometimes enough. She and I, like you, find ourselves in the advice-giving role, the care-taker role frequently.
    Until you do find someone, keeping a journal is an excellent way to pour your thoughts out, to unburden your soul, and make sense of life. 🙂

    • I love that, you must have had memorable times together because I do know what a close friend truly means, I’ve been there for 2 years now. 🙂 Anyway, I miss your comments on my blog, I hope you’re doing good with your life. Have a great weekend.

  3. The thing I long for the most? To find a friend who can sharpen me and who desires to be sharpened by me. Iron sharpens iron but it seems people are somehow blinded to my need to be listened to and yes, to be swiftly corrected if done in a spirit of live and concern. I get you on this.

    • I’m pretty sure you’ll meet this friend you long for the most. He/she will appear suddenly when you least expect it but you’ll have to sacrifice and compromise yourself if you know what I mean because no matter how much you have things in common there will be a place for sacrifice which in case will give your friendship a new kind of sweetness.

      Thank God, I found this friend, and to say the least, God bless him. I wish I can express more but some words should be left unsaid.

      Thanks for your fantastic comment, I feel you, really. 🙂

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