(026) – Untitled!

Sitting behind the keyboard frustrated, confused, upset, lost and uninspired. None of these feelings is paying off. I’ve been doing many things I hate during the day, I didn’t study my exam, I didn’t do anything good trying to boost/push myself to the edge in order to feel at risk and wake up but nothing’s working out today. Also, I saw a friend of mine, chatted with another pen-friend, listened to music, had a heavy dinner, slept for a couple of hours but still am having a very low self-esteem today.

A self-made man is never to be messed with. I’m going to be that man and going to get busy living. The kind of conflicts we confront everyday is changeable, so adaptability and stubbornness as I told you before is what we need. My problem apparently is that I don’t push forward hard enough which forces me to adopt a new policy concentrates on me.

I’m going to start doing it; the best way to get your things done is to begin as soon as you get the idea. Don’t respond to your heart; follow your mind and passion. You’ll absolutely feel depressed and upset, ignore it and continue, take a deep breath or get away from yourself.

It’s Oct 31st, 2013, I’m dedicating myself to success and PROMISE to commit; this life truly sucks and I don’t want to be drifted behind it. 


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