(024) – Are You Stubborn Enough?

Constant defeats and obstacles are frustrating. The moment we solve a problem, we get engaged in too many other problems, it’s very confusing and really hits on my nerves. I’ve had many dreams, some came true and the left remained dreams. Moreover, I’ve wanted to be successful and a real man like those I see in the movies, I’m not actually and it seems pretty hard to be successful but I won’t give up, it’s the least I can do.

“You’ve got a dream; you gotta protect it, period”

That was Will Smith in The Pursuit Of HappYness, one of the greatest movies ever, he wanted to do it for his life and his son. The world stood in his way and he did walk over it, he smashed all walls into earth and became the man he always wanted to be. I’m not saying it was easy but it was not impossible either.

What kind of excuses do you have to stop and say it’s not working? I have no idea how some people can accept the defeat, how they can go back and never try again? Every one of us has his share of problems, if we got used to saying NO, we’d end up in a miserable situation. Be stubborn enough to create your own destination and future, it works out if only you give it a little bit of stubbornness. All’s fair in love and war, and life’s a war. The most dangerous weapon is allowed and usable, it’s the mind power, exploit it effectively and productively.


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