(023) – Educational Facts

Tomorrow I have two first exams; I’m studying very hard trying to get full marks. Our lecturers and doctors have told us the exams are not going to be easy, we’ll need to think creatively and deeply because we are engineers and as an engineer, you have to be smart enough.

Well, we are supposed to be engineers but unfortunately we are not; we have never learned how to be creative, how o think rationally and use our minds effectively. Since the elementary school we were taught to be only listeners, we never spoke up or expressed our opinions. That is our schools and that’s why we are ignorant. You go to the university only because it’s important to have a university degree but no any sense of why. We study hard to make good money, not because it assures our prosperity and makes us grown ups.

In universities, it’s even worse; we get to solve a problem in physics or math only because it’s solved like this. We memorize our lessons and study repeated problems. Understanding doesn’t have a place in the learning process. The educational system, methods, labs, books and materials are all old-fashioned and should be exchanged with newer information. For example, in my 5th year, I’m still studying about the present simple and present past in the English course. It’s very sad. Even worse, too many students still cannot use any of the tenses correctly.

Things are getting worse every day, we have got to this point because we don’t care about anything but our basic needs that include food and sex. Universities really suck in Jordan, the situation is unbearable and all they want is more money.

Today, I pray for God to help me out, to teach me and make me the person I always wanted to be, a successful and sensible one, Amen.


2 thoughts on “(023) – Educational Facts

    • Well, it’s totally different in my country. You get taught not to use your mind and how to turn it off when it come to understanding… unbelievable!

      Thanks for commenting, let me hear more of you. 🙂

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