(021) – Trees Give Off Wi-Fi?!


The other day, I found this photo on the web, I don’t know who designed it but the idea is astounding and is worth it to be imagined. First of all, trees would be everywhere; I mean every empty small space. Streets would be greener than jungles. Malls and skyscrapers would be green buildings only to let trees grow inside. Every young boy or girl would take care of their garden and plant many trees either at school, street or anywhere else they like to be in. Too many of us would at least grow one tree. Internet geeks would have large green yards and take good care of the trees more than their laptops and smart phones. Simply, the world wouldn’t look blue from the space but green, green and green.

Unfortunately, trees only produce oxygen which is less important than Wi-Fi (sarcasm). I like to leave my home area and go to a remote place every weekend to breathe fresh air. My friend and I drive around 50 km outside the city to reach our location and enjoy the quietness away from all kinds of pollution.

In general, people would love to breathe fresh air and lead a healthy lifestyle but nobody would bother him/herself to create this ideal city that has no pollution. On my way to university, I move from my city to another one, my destination point is lower than my living area which gives me to see air pollution first hand. A large gray more to black cloud over the other city, you barely see the horizon because it covers a very huge area. Nonetheless, nobody wants to take the initiation and plant a tree, at least one tree, yet they all complain about the weather saying it’s hot all year round and trees cannot grow here.

As an engineer, we are interested about Greenpeace and renewable energy. We try to raise awareness and tell the society about the importance of trees. However, our neighbors in the same building have a back yard, it has few small trees and no one takes care of it because they live abroad and rarely come here. I wanted to do good and make use of this small area. Last April, I cultivated the garden, started to water the trees constantly and take real good care of the back yard. To be specific, it took me one month only to get what you see (before & after). I was really happy about the result and didn’t expect it to be like this in a month. I used to sit by the trees for an hour every single day thinking of better ideas to make it look like a piece of heaven. Words weren’t enough to describe my feelings especially that our old house was in a very bad condition and I never had this opportunity to show my fondness for trees and gardening.


Two months later, the owners came in, the water bill was pretty high and I changed the position of one tree, so they wanted me to stop what I do ignoring all my effort and desire. They covered all the garden walls with iron cage and closed it well.

I gave up on this garden but went to another project; details will be shared in another post.

The message I want to deliver is that the world’s in balance. We sabotage the environment; we threaten the nature as well as the universe. Global warming is our fault and hybrids aren’t the solution. Stop cutting trees and we’ll never have to make hybrid cars. If every one of us planted one tree, the problem would be over in a year. Think of it in terms of Wi-Fi signals and you’ll see the difference.

P.S. Here are more photos I’ve taken back then.

DSC_0143 DSC_0142



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