(018) – It’s Called “SHOWMANSHIP”

 “The better you feel about yourself, the less you feel the need to show off.”  — Robert Hand —

“We need arrogant people who like showing off.

They can cover us from bullets in the line of fire.” — Toba Beta — 

“You know you made it, when your friends tell their friends that you are their friend.” — Mokokoma Mokhonoana —

People are full of content; if you look consciously enough; you’ll never run out of writing material. Having a very normal conversation with a friend of mine made me think about the meaning of “show off” or “showmanship”. I think these two words are very close and related to each other, I understand the meaning clearly but had to surf the web to get a detailed definition. A “show off” is a man who has a flair for dramatic or ostentatious behavior. More, he is a person SKILLED at presenting anything in a negatively and deliberately effective manner.

Why would someone have to show off? Perhaps, he’s got something nice to talk about but I’m probably not interested, it’s worth it if you take a second before you start speaking. Why do I have to hear you talking about your dad’s Merc or their house in the fancy suburbs? (I don’t care, really my dad has a 1974 Daihatsu, would you like to know about it? It’s reliable). What’s more, when a girl begins to mention her makeup and clothes brands. (Trust me; I don’t know any of what you are talking about)

So far, it’s up to an extent still acceptable but to tell me about your uncles and aunts, about your far relatives, their cars or any shitty thing they’ve bought recently. How is that supposed to help me in my life? It’s not going to add any value, feel me, I beg you.

Deeply thinking, I’ve found out this kind of people are usually losers and have the ability to let go of their tongues before their brain cells. They don’t dare and think, they believe it’s a sin to use what’s in between their shoulders. Leisure is the hidden secret behind these empty minds which reminds me of the idiom I’d guess that says “only the empty can that rattles”.

Moreover, the irony of it is the way these individuals look at you; I mean I’m not a kind of guy who likes to interrupt a speaker so I give them the space and listen. Funnily enough, I get considered an idiot or a maniac thinking I believed him and he’s subtle which is what they want, slickness or as they define it, it’s smartness.

Mockery is not smart, it cannot fulfill your lack for success nor can it compensate for your wasted life. You only do it when others talk about you and your deeds not when you show them off. I have a brain and I use it or at least try to use it and mull things over, if you think I’m a jerk, then let time tell the truth and be the judge.



2 thoughts on “(018) – It’s Called “SHOWMANSHIP”

  1. In the nearly six decades I’ve been interacting with people I’ve learned one immutable fact. People who are “showoffs”, constantly bragging about their cars, houses, clothing labels, etc are generally very insecure and possess low self esteem. They think they need to boast of their possessions in order to procure the approval of others because they assume that everyone they meet think of them as they think of themselves. Irritating as they are, they are more to be pitied because until they accept themselves as worthy individuals, no amount of admiration from others can make them feel acceptable.

    • I cannot agree more, it’s very true. They even make me laugh, I feel like an idiot when I’m talking to a “showoff”, he knows everything about everything, never gives you the space to express your opinion and your words as well as your info are always mistaken and doubtful no matter how sure you are about it. LOL 😀

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