(017) – Sad But “TRUTH”

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. — Buddha — 

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. — Winston Churchill — 

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth. — Mahatma Gandhi — 

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. –Arthur Schopenhauer — 

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.

— Mark Twain —


Holy God, quotes on truth seem to be endless, I got to love them all.

Truth is as clear as the moon in a quiet summer night. It’s as shiny as the sun of August and transparent as a virgin girl. It cannot be covered or ignored, its brightness, clearness and importance is not to be messed with because eventually it’s the truth, it’s self-evident.

Injustice and oppression had always one fact in common which is denying the truth. People get murdered because they have a sense of truth; they demonstrate and sacrifice their lives because they have a hidden and inaudible truth. They cannot speak loudly and nobody seems to give a listening-ear and that what it means to be self-evident. It cannot be hidden for a long time; neither can it be willing to accept oppression. It is explosive and rebellious, it never nods for the unfairness or obey what is wrong.

A man of truth is a man of his own word. He, who says the truth, has its qualities and rareness. Thousands maybe millions show off their courage and fearlessness when it comes to muscles or the ability to reply it terms of swearing but only few brave men can stand for the truth and tell it no matter how bitter it is.

I had the privilege to witness a real man who said NO to his biggest opponent, his toughest enemy leaving an endless source of income behind. He got lost, boycotted, fought, oppressed and burst into tears. He lived lonely for too many cold nights. He cried loudly begging God to let the truth arise and all he got was patience. He sought for a helping hand but nobody seemed to help him out. It took him many painful years and lots of patience, persistence and faith to stand out. When he did, he stood firmly, strongly and righteously. To quote him “Today, I feel grrrrreat!”

A man is the one who says the truth when he stands on his own before the whole world, more importantly, before his God. It doesn’t even matter to be a minority as long as you are right. Nor it does to have the truth hidden deep inside. It’s only true when it’s spoken and admitted. Who cares if you get ridiculed or boycotted, I know it’s easier said than done but the reward is definitely guaranteed.

Today, on a truth seeker’s behalf, I’d say take a side, be a man, don’t fear anything but God, live your life differently, it only takes one strong fighter to create the needed change and exchange injustice with justice.


2 thoughts on “(017) – Sad But “TRUTH”

  1. Few things are granted us in this life that are as refreshing as truth. I’ve been scorned, ridiculed, and ostracized for speaking the truth more times than I can remember. Speaking the truth has hurt the delicate feelings of my friends and peers, but I simply can’t be otherwise without hurting myself. When I came to Jordan, one of the first phrases I learned was “Insha’allah” (If God wills it). I thought it was the most beautiful thing because the word was uttered in nearly every circumstance. After a time though, I came to know that it has another meaning; a meaning that in my mind was more sinister. Let me give an example. I am chatting with Ahmad and ask him if he will come to my house to help me with a project that’s too big for me. His response? “Insha’allah”. When the appointed time comes, Ahmad doesn’t appear. When I try to call him I don’t get an answer despite the fact that I know he doesn’t move 2 cm without his mobile. When I ask him about it later he has numerous excuses for not coming to help me. This has happened so many times that now when I hear “Insha’allah” in response to a request, or even an invitation, my mind translates it as “No”. Truth in speaking and actions has taken a back seat to the idea that one cannot simply decline an offer or request for fear of “losing face”. But in my mind, he has lost far more by telling a lie about his intentions. Why is this? Any ideas?

    • I love your comment, tell me about it man. 🙂

      First of all, “Insha’allah” is a very nice word if used in the right place. It gives you hope to get your work done correctly, if not, you’d feel hopeful that something better is on its way. The problem is that people in Jordan use the word repeatedly without considering it’s real meaning, it’s said because we are used to it, very much. Trust me, nobody here uses the word intentionally, it’s just said for the sake of it if you know what I mean.

      God told us to say “insha’allah” with every action we do, yet he also told us to move on and initiate. Again, we take what suits us ignoring the rest. I’m going to blog about the same issue in the upcoming few days, I’ll try to do my best to explain more about the culture of “Insha’allah”. Have a great day Jim, insha’allah! 😉

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