(016) – Develop Faith In God

Writing my last two posts, I was truly upset; I was writing for the sake of it and because I had to fill up another blank page. Accordingly, the feedback is still negative or no feedback at all. Honestly, if I were you, I’d never write even one comment because the ideas were vague and didn’t make sense. Even though, I am going to keep writing until this vagueness is exchanged with clarity and purity.

Proudly enough, I admit I’m religious and let religion interfere with my decisions and lifestyle, consciously not blindly. Besides, after I’ve read a random religious blog today, it opened my eyes to my priorities which are God and religion, me and the family, friends and then my purpose in this world, respectively. So, it’s very imperative to start from God moving to other stuff.

To establish a well-built and strong construction, there must be strong and well-supported foundations. I was told before about three simple yet sophisticated rules to develop faith in God. First of all, one good intention; believe it till you make it. Believe that God s your savior and you’re asking him for help because he’s the only one that has the ability to save you and give you what you need then what you want.

Then, regret what you did, regret your sins and start doing the right things. Promise God not to be back to the old days and habits, it won’t be easy; you’ll confront too many obstacles and conflicts. You’ll have to face your needs and get seduced by the devil but patience and faith is what it takes to walk over this kind of conflicts.

Eventually, ask God submissively to accept your apology, let him feel your honesty, prove it that you are good and committed.

Let’s be good, let’s do good. God doesn’t need anything from us simply because he’s perfect. The good we do will be back to us when we least expect it. How many times have you been saved from death or a disaster? How many times did you feel hopeless when suddenly a strange motive pushed you and you succeeded? It was undoubtedly God.


5 thoughts on “(016) – Develop Faith In God

  1. Your posts are very transparent and I appreciate that. You are correct in the fact that God is the One who supplies the power in what we do. I’ve found that the only way that I can over come anything is by focusing on Him. My life is full of sin, I was born that way, but God is full of grace through Christ. I finally reached the point where I recognized that it was more about the grace than my sin. It is so much bigger than I am! Thanks for this post!

    • one of the angels once asked God about the reason he creates mankind and let them sin but God replied ” I want people who sin then regret it and come back to me again. If people don’t sin, i’ll create others who sin and repent”.

      As you said, it’s not about the sin as much as it’s about God’s grace. I really appreciate your words and comment, thank you so much. I’m looking forward to hear more on my upcoming posts. Have a great day. God bless you and the family. 🙂

  2. In my mind, God and religion are two different things. God is the entity that comes to me in those long dark hours of despair. God is the one who shows me the miracle of our world every morning when I watch the sun creep over the horizon and settle down at the end of the day. Religion, on the other hand, is a way men have devised to keep the masses under control by perverting God’s message to us. He wants only to love us and receive our love in return. Nothing more. I wonder why that concept is so difficult for most people to understand and accept?

    • I quite agree with you Jim. My belief is that God created this world then send us religion to manage this world and the way we live. In other words, religion is God’s regulations and rules, it explains God and and his policy in earth, it includes all the Do’s and Dont’s, it’s found to make our lives easier and simpler. I know there are too many blurry issues about religion and faith but I honestly have no answer.

      I like to worship God on my way, I pray and fast but I don’t necessary agree with what other people preach and say it’s a must. I’m also trying to understand religion and faith depending on the miracles I see every single day. Our love in return to God is to thank him and be like he wants us to be.

      Besides, the reason people here don’t agree with your opinion refers back to the mistaken understanding of religion and God, to our limited vision as well. We do because we used to see our fathers and grandpas doing the same thing.

      I hope you understand me. 🙂

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