(005) – Resisting The Irresistible

“Keep it up; God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers” Anonymous

Well, motivation aside, honestly speaking, resistance is always as hard as murdering yourself. If I were to define resistance, then I’d say “it’s the ability to be or do the other you”. How am I expected to resist what’s in my blood? Either if it’s a habit, a need or a reality? It’s never easy no matter how bad we need to resist it.

Everyone of us has his/her weak spots, I know that very well but what I really don’t know is that little thing which starts to dig deep in our souls the moment we confront one of those spots or fears, I don’t know why it’s so irresistible and unavoidable.

(I lost my thread) urgh!!

Nonetheless, as a man who aspires for integrity and high self-esteem, today, I’m trying to learn how to concentrate on my goal and ignore my irresistible needs and habits, it’s not going to be easy or doable but I hope God gives me strength with his hard battles, I need that very much.


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