(002) – The Last Laugh

There’s a general rule dictates that everyone you meet has a purpose to be done with your life regardless if it’s good or bad but it’s without a shadow of doubt meant to help you improve and here where I come in. I feel like my purpose is to listen to other individuals, give them the space needed to express their inhibited feelings and let them feel a higher self-esteem. It  started because I’m not a kind of guy that talks much, so I had to exploit this quality and dedicate myself to helping others, it’s simply a small part of being a leader which I truly want in my life.

The more stories you listen to, the more struggles you live and the more complains you endure makes you patient and super psychic to say the least. Every time I hear a new story, I can imagine where it goes and what the solution is but it’s all about your listening policy. Anyway, I’ve noticed a sense of relationship between most of the stories I ever heard, there’s a thick line that binds them together, and it is neutralism. Many of the guys were completely lost between two sides, they simply couldn’t choose a side and live with it, and there was usually a mutual benefit on either sides or even a fight between good and evil. You want something but cannot lose the other or you want to do good but your evil thoughts cannot let you go and do it.

Well, you cannot just have both of them, take a side, pick your choice, live by your decision and be a man of your word. Every one of us leads a life that doesn’t accept double standards. Ironically, we wouldn’t mind to apply it when it comes to benefit. Some like to play low and dirty, they don’t give a shit about ethics or reputation. Others, would rather to take the higher road and act according to firm laws that eventually assure your peace and self-esteem.

Yet, the harder path is to stand alone and say the truth, it’s God’s path. Don’t fret, you are right. This one precisely has two different aspects, the upside of it is that you don’t fear anything on this earth and you can say the truth because you are right. Besides, the downside of God’s path is the courage you’d need to commit, it’s never easy, the reward always comes a little bit late but it’s surely fulfilling and satisfying. People will fight you, you’ll get boycotted and be an outcast but eventually it’s the end that counts.

Our life is a like a series of challenges and battles. Day after day, we get unwillingly into a higher level; today’s problems are not the ones you are being tested for, but the upcoming battles that matter most. Most of us survive but a very few that truly live and enjoy. Take a decision and live by it, get wrong, don’t let the temporary triumphs of the others mislead you and take you away from your goal. Remember, it’s all about the last laugh.



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