Well, two years ago, I have discovered my fondness for books and reading in general, I knew I liked languages but never expected to have this kind of passion for reading or writing in foreign languages. I’ve started to write diaries and short articles discussing my daily occurrences and events but at some point, I needed more space to express the increasing content in my head. However, I started a blog called Writer911, it concludes my first attempts to write long articles and more detailed stories. The best part is the other bloggers I follow, there are some truly inspiring people, the way they write and put their stories into words, it makes you astonished, literally. The ideas of the blogs, every blog has a story behind, sometimes it’s love, disaster, ambition, hunger for knowledge, diaries and much more interesting thoughts. Reading more and more made me feel fresh and fertile, I knew I can write better and might be a good writer as the ones I’ve seen in my life, I just want another way to make this thing come true.

Hence, I’ve decided that it’s time to create another blog and change the whole idea of it. Inspired by the great blog I love which is called 400days’til40.wordpress.com, today, I’m starting my new website, Till Graduation.

The idea is to write everyday about anything till the day I graduate from university, I still have roughly one year to graduate and get my BA in mechanical engineering, I’ve had many problems with my study during the last period, so I’m following myself day by day and observing my progress. No more time to be lost, it’s time to write, improve and produce.

My English language isn’t that good, so is my vision. So, one of the basic goals of this project is to learn a new tidbit every day and share it with the followers. The sort of content that will be shared here is varied from languages, science, technology, adventure, experience, facts, habits, music, movies, books, engineering, daily stories and lessons learned from them.

This is basically my story and purpose of this project, all I want now is loyal followers and readers who want to contribute and help me be the one I ever wanted to be. Wish me luck and let’s take off!


8 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Awhh good luck dear. I already love your blog and I wish you all the best with this project and your study! I’m sure you will be very successful 🙂

    Best wishes,

    • You think so? I trust your words. Thank you so much for believing in my purpose and journey, you have no idea what it means for me to read such a comment on my blog. You have a wonderful week, i’m looking forward to start reading your blog ASAP. 🙂

      • Of course I do! My mom used to say “where there is a will there is a way”.

        Anything is possible when you truly believe in yourself and when you focus on positive words and thoughts. That’s why they say our words and thoughts are powerful. Whatever you send out will manifest into reality. Therefore, continue to focus on your goal and your plan, while sending out positive affirmation that you are successful! And then you will BE!

      • I am trying to be most MOST of the time but today, I’m doing to be positive ALL the time. You are right; whatever you send out, you receive, whatever you sow, you reap. It’s how life works, the laws of nature I think.

        Ant the best part is to meet people who believe what we believe, that’s you apparently. I’ll try to share a speech by Simon Sinek, he talks about the same things we’re discussing, will try to let you know when I do. Have a positive day, glad you like my blog, my pleasure. 🙂

      • That’s wonderful dear. Yes, I agree, it’s amazing to meet and connect to people who share the same thoughts and values. I’m looking forward to read Simon’s speech.

        Have a wonderful and blessed week.
        Best wishes,

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