(360) – YELLOW


I did not want to play the song, I knew I’d lose my mind, evoke so many memories and awaken even more hopes but I could not resist the urge; it makes me feel alive, makes me feel YELLOW…

Coldplay is my favorite band this summer. I never thought I’d like them as much. However, on the day of my flight to NY I downloaded the song A Sky Full of Stars, did not know why, it just felt perfect at that moment. On the airplane, I found myself playing more hits by them especially that latter mentioned one, I was soaring among the stars, it was for real…

Everyday in NYC, I played Coldplay, loved them, admired their music, they made my unforgettable trip nicer, they accompanied me to many places around the city and was always playing, if not in the car, then in the background of my mind…



I came back home, could not listen to them anymore. At first, the music would hurt me, it lasted this way for a while but as I figured out things, I decided this should be a motive, not something to hold me back.

Today, I played Yellow, turned up the volume, and up until it was deafening, I sang along, I danced in the car while driving, everybody was looking at me wondering how crazy I am but none of them could feel the heat in my heart, the flow of energy in my body and the amount of strength I’ve got at that particular moment… God…


(359) – For The Very First Time



Travelling on my own such a distance, Frankfurt to NYC, not having anyone to talk to during the whole flight, or share the joys and happy moments of my trip, I was exposed to all kinds of feelings and emotions not knowing precisely what I’m going to see in the next few hours, not being able to do anything but hope for the best.

Out of the blue moon, a strange thought hits me “why am I so excited? I’m visiting the US, what a big deal? WHAT? THE US? AIN’T IT THAT COUNTRY I READ ABOUT ALL THE TIME ON THE INTERNET? THE HOME OF ALL GREAT MOVIES? WHAT? CROSSING THE OCEAN? LANDING IN JFK? MANHATTAN? BROOKLYN? OH LORD!!!! HAVE MERCY ON ME!!!!”

Yes, I was getting even more convinced of the huge step I was taking, I was travelling for real and discovering a whole new world, visiting the country that I did not expect to see… Thank God, Thank God, Thank God… I will never thank God enough, I can’t… THANK YOU GOD…


(357) – Moved To Tears

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Moved to Tears.”

The airport was very busy that night. I hugged mom and two brothers not knowing what was waiting for me on the other side of my trip. I stood in the line to get the tickets, checked my bags and passport, picked special dates for my dear from the duty free and headed to the gate.

Boarding started on time, I was happy. I sat next to the window, took my first picture and texted my dear saying i’ll be offline for the next 4 hours till we get to Frankfurt. The airplane took off at 02.00 a.m. Everyone slept except for me, kept staring at the darkness outside, wondering if it’s happening for real.

The sun was coming up and we were still flying at an altitude of 33,000 ft. The breakfast was a delicious pancakes with croissant and apple juice. I decided to myself that I have to enjoy every single moment of it.

We landed in Frankfurt, still I could not believe it. I was discovering the huge airport having my backpack on and smiling all the time. After two hours, the boarding began and I was getting even more excited to fly again but this time to my destination, to NYC!

I could not stop thinking of my main purpose of the trip, I could not hold myself from writing very intimate text messages on the airplane though I had no internet connection but my belief that they will be delivered soon as I land in JFK!

To describe my feeling during the whole trip is nearly impossible because I never felt anything similar before; I never had such feelings of love, joy, happiness, courage and energy before. It was all building up in my mind mixed with high expectations about my first trip to America, the land of opportunities and grace. I did not speak a word in almost 10 hours now yet feeling super enthusiastic to talk; people seemed very interesting especially couples; I longed for my love at that particular moment like nobody ever did while A Sky Full Of Stars was playing in my ears and his picture occupying my not so innocent imagination of us together. I shed a few tears, I let go of more tears, tears of joy and excitement, looking forward to a spectacular vacation of us together…

(355) – 18 Day Challenge

I am thinking of an 18 day challenge whether it’s a writing challenge, a fitness challenge or any other personal one but it has to be only 18 day beginning from today.

I am currently reading a book called Just After Sunset by Stephen King. It’s simply a collection of short stories that includes a couple of truly wonderful stories you should not miss. What I really like is where the story begins and how it ends. Sometimes, I really get lost in the first few pages especially if there’s much description of every thing where I fail at understanding every single word but it’s still worth reading because you can’t just throw the book away, I mean I can’t tolerate myself for doing such a thing, it’s kind of a challenge to whether or not I can push myself to read…

Just After Sunset actually opened my eyes to story writing and what a fantastic adventure it’d be to reach new areas and thoughts in your mind that you never knew about. I guess the beauty of it comes later on, after years of writing and mastering the stories then you go back to your first trials and realize how far you’ve gone. Moreover, I was amazed by the girl who appeared on Humans Of New York the other day talking about the characters and the world she invented and how everything was just so good and relevant. In other words, it was the sign I wanted to try to write a story.

Somethings are not merely random or coincidence, they’re in fact opportunities in disguise wandering to be recognized and seized upon eagerly, so my 18 Day Challenge is going to be about writing stories, 18 different stories for the next 18 days.

Did I mention why “18” in particular?! 😉


(354) – Spring


It’s April 1st, I feel very good and optimistic about this year. I have been working diligently on my resolutions and it’s actually paying off so good so far. I am trying to apply, to practice what I read and learn everyday. I am trying to invest in myself, each and everyday one thing at least.

I’ve got my driving license, I’ve read 6 books so far and they’re A Christmas Carol, A Smile Of Fortune, Two Wolves, The Idiot Girl And The Flaming Tantrum Of Death, To Kill A Mockingbird & The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People. They were all amazing books especially The 7 Habits; it took me like 50 days to finish it since I didn’t read in it everyday but when I did, I was submerged in the essence of the book and completely interested in it. To Kill A Mockingbird was wonderful too especially after the high recommendations from many friends on the book which made me watch a movie called 12 Angry Men after finishing that book -The movie and the book are somehow relevant but I just can’t remember how LOL-…

One of my best resolutions this year is to move up with my blog to the next level, I’m still unsure whether I should start a new one or keep posting here. However, I’ll probably keep posting here for a while especially after the edits I’ve done on the title -Till Graduation And Beyond- but what really matters is to keep up the writing and become a writer eventually, a well-known one!

I still didn’t get a job, I am supposed to start looking for one now and that’s what I’m going to do next. One of my friends suggested something that appealed to me which is becoming an air host, not really sure of that because sometimes we underestimate ourselves and that’s what probably happened to me at first but I will give it a try.

Today, I am more determined and focused on the future. Positivity and optimism are two paramount factors to leading a happy life. Success is on the other side of fear, it really is, and actions are what we need. 🙂

(353) – Why Writing

Every now and then, I find myself giving in to fear or somehow enjoying being afraid of something that never existed before and building fake walls to overcome, disillusions and deceiving thoughts that have nothing to do but to inspire a writer.

That kind of feeling just tried to mess with my mind, with my clear thinking while I was considering my new plans regarding looking for a job and starting my career path.

Music plays a big part of such misleading thinking especially if you’re the kind of people who loves music very much and every song has its own story in your head either a memory, a future plan or merely a dream you’d really like to come true one day.

Writing does help me eliminate any negative self-talk and make every success possible, it’s one of the reasons I want to be a writer because I can be who I am away from people, I can be independent or interdependent with the one I would to share my life story with…

(351) – AMEN!

“Refuse to complain. Complaining is just a way of not taking responsibility, justifying doing nothing and programming yourself to fail. Complaining creates the illusion that you have done something. Instead, pour your energy into improving your situation. When you find ways to be productive and maintain a sense of optimism, you demonstrate that you are in control of your own life.

Complainers focus on what has happened, giving up their power. Winners focus on making things happen and using their power to find solutions to their challenges. You were born to create something magnificent with your life!! Solution-based thinking gives you that power. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!!” – Les Brown